Business Intelligence Project: Tableau Server & Microsoft Azure w/Covid-19

Our client, Avison Young, needed another Tableau Server built, but not on-premises, in the cloud. The existing infrastructure is not relevant for this solution. The new server must meet Tableau Server’s production system requirements and align internally with the consulting department’s stakeholders. Our goal was to deliver a high availability Tableau Server with its backbone infrastructure being Microsoft Azure. Out platform must ingest live data sources which measure statistics like Covid-19 Recovery and Mobility. These insights could provide our clients with the springboard they will need when strategically reopening amongst varying international return to work guidelines.

We used Microsoft Azure cloud Virtual Machines with Tableau Server to enable the capability to capture measures like the live Data sources from the USA, UK, and Canada and provide real-time data insights regarding Covid-19 Recovery and Mobility. We are leveraging Microsoft Azure over an on-premises solution that allows us to deliver data center-level bandwidth at a fraction of a cost. Utilizing Tableau Server core licensing allowed our client to maintain high levels of deliverability throughout the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. 

If you need onsite or private cloud bespoke BI Solutions, our servers are custom built for that purpose. Our Lithonia, GA datacenter can house your solution ensuring 24/7/365 uptime.

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Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. Matthew 17:20

Network Operations Center Project: zNAS 10 SSD Storage Server

We integrated the Boreon zNAS 10 into Serco’s existing Network Operations Center. The Serco NOC is staffed with 6 Systems Engineers in a 24/7/365 monitoring environment.

The zNAS 10 is running 10 TB of SSD network accessible storage space with a 10 gigabit network uplink. The zNAS 10 is handling all SMB/CIFs shares, AFS Apple Time Machine backups and all iSCSI Backup Drives. zNAS 10 uses the freeBSD OS. We synced all credentials and shares within our client’s existing Microsoft Active Directory.

We chose to overload this particular client’s server with ARC RAM, 16 GB DDR4. Our client uses a consistent 8 or so gigs of the same data. For the ultimate in speed we let ARC and L2ARC onboard combined with 10 gig networking to deliver the files directly to the user without any throughput bottlenecks through hard drives or JBOD/RAID cards.

As you can see the ARC is heavily utilized in serving the same 8-10 GB of data. This unique feature allows the system to run much faster while allowing the drives to be used by other tasks like iSCSI backups or Virtual Machine utilization.

ITS Firewalls: 40 Gigabit Optical WAN

Our current ITS firewall range:

HQ / TMC Firewall: Sophos SG 650 UTM 

  • 60 Gbps Firewall Throughput, 10 Gbps VPN Throughput, 16 Gbps IPS throughput, 5 Gbps Antivirus throughput (proxy), 20,000,000 Concurrent connections
  • TotalProtect Includes Network Protection (IPSec/SSL VPN, Intrusion Prevention, DoS Protection), Web (URL Filtering, Application Control, Dual Engine Antirivus), Email Protection (Anti-spam, Encryption), Wireless and Webserver Protection

The SG 650 is perfect size for any HQ, Transportation Management or Toll Operations Center.

Remote DC / ITS Hub Firewall: Sophos SG 330 UTM 

  • 20 Gbps Firewall Throughput, 4 Gbps VPN Throughput, 6 Gbps IPS throughput, 1.5 Gbps Antivirus throughput (proxy), 3,500,000 Concurrent connections
  • TotalProtect Includes Network Protection (IPSec/SSL VPN, Intrusion Prevention, DoS Protection), Web (URL Filtering, Application Control, Dual Engine Antirivus), Email Protection (Anti-spam, Encryption), Wireless and Webserver Protection

The SG 330 is perfect for any Transportation ITS hub or Remote DC.

Branch Office / Field Office: Sophos SG 135 UTM 

  • 6 Gbps Firewall Throughput, 1 Gbps VPN Throughput, 1.5 Gbps IPS throughput, 350 Mbps Antivirus throughput (proxy), 2,000,000 Concurrent connections 
  • TotalProtect Includes Network Protection (IPSec/SSL VPN, Intrusion Prevention, DoS Protection), Web (URL Filtering, Application Control, Dual Engine Antirivus), Email Protection (Anti-spam, Encryption), Wireless and Webserver Protection

The SG 135 is perfect for and Branch Office or Field Construction Trailer.

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Church Security Project Marietta: Piedmont Church 5G Camera Uplink

Piedmont Church required an external 360 degree camera for their drive around the side entrance. We were able to provide a nice single hop 5G link for the 8 megs of 4K camera traffic. The Church is now able to completely identify all vehicles and individuals. We worked alongside Stealth Video on this project.

Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.

We would love to secure your church today!

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Apartment Community Security Project: 5G for Security, Staff & Police Access

Security Patrol, Police, Maintenance PersonnelAn very nice Apartment complex conveniently located here in Stone Mountain, Ga needed a drastic upgrade to their aging camera CCTV system and wireless infrastructure. The maintenance personnel, security teams and Police also can have access to a property’s IP video security system, lighting systems, alarm systems and gate controls all from their device. We implemented our encrypted 5G gigabit wireless solution along with our enterprise firewall and enterprise switching throughout the system which enabled full access across all platforms.

We worked with Stealth Video from Marietta, Ga who supplied and installed the most state of the art 4k camera system we have ever ran on our 5g Wi-Fi.

The 4K image quality is astounding at night! 

WISP: 5G Mesh Wireless Point-to-Point 1.25Gbps Backhaul Radio

Emergency Fiber Cut – Wireless Restoration

Our Customer, Central Asset Management, in Buckhead has an aerial span of fiber optic cabling which is very old. A pair of fibers inside the sheath, a 6 strand multimode, is cracked not relaying communications across the buildings. The solution was to install a wireless 5G multipoint mesh solution which enabled 1.3 gbps communications between the radios. The shopping center’s IP video security network is restored and it’s systems are back online.

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Great Info: Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Currently today’s Internet speeds in the USA are lacking in worldwide comparison. Asia, currently hosting 44% of all Internet users, is leaps ahead in data throughput efficiency. Fiber Optic cabling is capable of much greater speeds than traditional copper. We are on the forefront of receiving internet and connectivity speeds ten times the current rate. The Video below explains Fiber to the Home in Europe (FTTH).

“Connecting homes directly to fiber optic cable enables enormous improvements in the bandwidth that can be provided to consumers. Current fiber optic technology can provide two-way transmission speeds of up to 1000 megabits per second. Further, as Cable and DSL providers are struggling to squeeze increments of higher bandwidth out of their technologies, ongoing improvements in fiber optic equipment are constantly increasing available bandwidth without having to change the fiber. That’s why fiber networks are said to be “future proof.”-