All-Flash Storage | Small Business Server | Enterprise Hybrid Storage

All-Flash Small Business Server 

All-Flash Business Server utilizing an onboard mirror with Xeon Six-Core+ server processors to maximize productivity. Our server is capable of managing your small business or powering your application development platform.

zServe 10 | 1U Xeon E5 16GB SSD

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All-Flash Network Attached Storage Servers 

All-Flash Storage Drive arrays in a combination file system and volume manager designed for high capacity data protection.

zNAS 10 | 1U Xeon E5 16GB 10TB (under $10K!)

zNAS 50 | 2U (2) Xeon E5 64GB 50TB 

Managed, MAAS and Purchasing options available. Email for Quote

Enterprise Class Hybrid Storage Servers

Hybrid Storage Arrays are equipped with PCIe SSD, SDD and HDD storage to maximize I/O performance. Hierarchical Storage Management with solid state drives bridges the gap between HDDs and RAM seamlessly.

zServe 50 | 2U (2) Xeon E5 64GB 64TB 10GbE

zServe 100 | 3U (2) Xeon E5 128GB 120TB 10GbE

Managed, MAAS and Purchasing options available.  Email for Quote

AI, Deep Learning & Supercomputing:

The Boreon Phoenix combines the power of AMD EPYC™ Processors and AMD Radeon Instinct™ GPUs, based on AMD’s revolutionary “Vega” architecture, delivering one PetaFLOP of 32-bit FP single precision compute power at a stunning 33 GigaFLOPs/Watt. The Boreon Phoenix is designed to address today’s most complex computational problems in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Facial Recognition, VDI, compute and research at an unmatched performance-per-dollar and performance-per-watt level.

The Boreon Phoenix Supercomputing Rack:

Per Rack Specs: 

GPU Architecture 80x Radeon Instinct™
CPU 20x AMD EPYC™ 7601
Memory 10 Terabytes DDR4 DIMMs 2666MHz
Adaptors 40x Mellanox EDR InfiniBand/100GbE Dual Port Card
Network Fabric Option 1: Up to two 36-port Mellanox EDR switches
Option 2: Up to two 32-port 100GbE switches
Mgmt: 52-port 1GbE switch
Rack to Cluster Level Management [SMART]DC Management Appl. for OOB management and health monitoring
Half-Precision 2.4 PFLOPS
Single-Precision 1.2 PFLOPS
Double-Precision .6 PFLOPS
  • Up to one PetaFLOP of compute at FP32 single precision
  • Up to 33 GigaFLOPs/Watt FP32 performance
  • AMD’s revolutionary “Vega” architecture
  • Advanced memory and storage technologies (8 channel DDR4, NVMe SSD)
  • Unified InfiniBand/ Ethernet HPC fabric with up to two dual port EDR IB/ 100GbE NICs per node
  • Integrated rack level out-of-band management layer for remote server health monitoring and rack orchestration
  • ROCm open software ecosystem

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Boreon Phoenix Node: 

Individual Node Specs:

Processor 1 AMD EPYC™ 7601 or 7551P 32-core, 64 thread processor, with 128PCIe 3.0
Memory 16x DDR4 DIMMs, ECC RDIMM & LRDIMM at 2667MHz, 8 memory channels cards
GPU Four “Vega”-based AMD Radeon Instinct™ MI60 x16 accelerator
Expansion Slots 1x FHHL (full height half length) x16 PCIe slot (NIC)
OS Support Linux 64-bit
Network Up to two Mellanox ConnectX-5 PCIe dual-port 100GbE/Infiniband EDR cards
Management 1x dedicated APSEED 2500 BMC management port
Storage 2x M.2 NVMe SSD bays on-board
Option 1: 4x 2.5” SATA3 hot-plug SSD/HDD + 4x 2.5” NVME SSD (single NIC card only)
Option 2: 6x 2.5” SATA3 hot-plug SSD/HDD + 2x 2.5” NVME SSD
Option 3: 8x 2.5” SATA3 hot-plug SSD/HDD
Performance per Node:
Half-Precision 118 TFLOPS
Single-Precision 59.2 TFLOPS
Double-Precision 29.6 TFLOPS

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